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Frequently Asked Questions


I signed up to be a member of SOLAK and havenít heard anything from you, what should I do?

If you havenít heard from us within a week please fill out the sign up form again and check that you have entered a valid email address. If you have done that and still havenít heard from us please email us for assistance.


What is my membership number for?

This is simply to help us identify whose squares are whoís so that we can let people know they have arrived safely via the yahoo group.


How do I get a membership number?

When you have signed up to be a member of SOLAK you will receive one automatically.  If you havenít signed up and would like to please use the form on the sign up page.


Where do I put my membership number?

The membership number should be stitched at the bottom of the design on your square.  Please do not put it on the edge of your material, as this gets lost when the quilt is made up.


Can I put my name with my membership number?

Yes please do, also your location if you wish.  It is always nice for us and for the people who receive quilts to see where all the squares have come from.