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Frequently Asked Questions



Are there and specific themes or patterns you have to stitch?


There is nothing worse than having to stitch something you donít enjoy and so as a member of SOLAK you are free to stitch whatever you like.   When a quilt is requested the person who is filling out the form will let us know what sort of theme the quilt receiver would appreciate.  We try our best to give them a quilt with those types of pictures on and so we will often say that those are the themes we need.  However if we have squares that we think the quilt receiver will also like they will go into the quilt as well.  This means that any squares sent to us will get used even if we didnít ask for that particular theme.  Feel free to stitch any design you want of any size.  All you need to do is use the sizing guidelines for a rough idea on how much material you need to use so that the edges arenít too small for us to stitch them together.




Do you have to use white material?  


You are not limited to white material for your cross-stitch.  Obviously white will be easier to fit into any quilt but if coloured squares are received they will be saved until there is enough to make a good looking quilt or pattern of some sort.  It is all to easy to end up with odd bits of coloured aida that cannot be used for anything else and we would rather they get used for a good cause then not at all.  Please feel free to do whatever you think looks good.  They will all get used in the end! 



What materials should I use?  


You can use any count aida or evenweave for the squares and any colourfast threads.  Most people use white or cream aida between eight and six inches square but you are absolutely free to do what you think works best for you.   You can use any colourfast embroidery threads there is no need for expensive brands.  If you arenít sure whether or not they are colour fast please check with the manufacturer.




Can I use beads and buttons on my squares?  


Buttons and beads can be used on squares but squares containing them will not be sent to young children.  If you are stitching a square with a young childís quilt in mind please do not put buttons or beads on them.  Over time they could work loose and a small child might choke.




Can I stitch my name on my squares?


Please do.  It is always nice to see how many different people contribute to a single quilt and from where they are from.  Members are asked to put their membership numbers at the bottom of their squares so they can be notified that they have been received but we would like everyone to put their name and location, if they wish, somewhere on the square.  However please make sure you stitch your name at the bottom or edge of the design and NOT the bottom of the square as this gets cut lost when they are made up into quilts.




Do I need to wash my squares?


We would appreciate it if you could wash your finished squares before posting them.  If you are not able to or you think it looks fine without a quick rinse that is ok.  We just donít have the opportunity to wash all the squares before sewing them together and once they are made into a quilt it might not be as easy to get stubborn marks out of the cross stitch material.  There is no need to iron or press the squares either unless you so desire.  All quilts are washed and ironed before being sent.