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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I make a donation?


Yes we are always looking for donations.  SOLAK is a non-profit non-funded organisation and the money and materials for the quilts we make comes out of the pockets of those who have volunteered to sew them together.



What type of donations are you looking for?


Any material suitable for a quilt, batting/wadding, any unwanted cross stitch materials that can be passed on to members who can make use of them, safety pins, stitched cards and card blanks and even stamps are useful.



I have some things to donate but am unsure if they are suitable what should I do?


Please email us at and let us know what it is you have in mind.  You’d be surprised at what we are willing to accept and can make use of!



What types of material do you use?


The fun thing about quilting is that you can use any materials you find.  If you have any spare material that isn’t too heavy and thick to be made into a quilt we would very much appreciate it.



Is there a specific size that material donations have to be?


No.  Off cuts of material can be used to cut 6” squares out of for the quilt tops and larger pieces of material can be used for the backs and sides of quilts.



I would like to send enough material to make a quilt.  Can you tell me how much you need?


When buying material I will purchase two meters of the fabric I want to use for the sides and the back.  If it is sold in yards I try to get two and half yards, however not all retailers will sell half yards and so sometimes I will have to buy three yards.


A piece of material measuring 45” x 19” (114cm x 50cm) is big enough for the middle squares but smaller pieces of material can be used.


If you are looking on ebay or measuring material you have at home you need to look for pieces that are similar to the measurements given below:


45” x 78” (114cm x 198cm) for the sides and back.

45” x 117” (114cm x 298cm) if the whole quilt is to be made with the same material

45” x 19”  (114cm x 50cm) for the middle squares



Where do I send donations?


Please email us at and tell us what you have and where you are and we can arrange where it would be best to send anything you have to share with us.  Alternatively if you are already a member of SOLAK you can send them to the address you have already been given