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Members of SOLAK are not expected to meet deadlines, stitch a certain number of squares or send us any money.  All we want you to do is to have fun stitching some squares and then send them to us when you are finished.

Once you have signed up to be a member of SOLAK you will receive a membership number to stitch on the bottom of your squares along with your name and information about what squares we are currently stitching and where to send them.  You will also be added to our yahoo group which is the members home and where everything SOLAk related takes place.

As a member of the group you will be able to see what quilts we are currently making and who they are for.  If there is a particular person or quilt that you would like to stitch for you also have the opportunity to sign up to stitch a square for that quilt.  Also you will be able to take part in theme and quilt stitch-a-longs with other members, see what quilts we have planned and be kept informed about the people we send quilts to.

Members are notified when their squares have been received via the group and can also send email messages to other members and the group moderators for instant feedback, progress reports, updates and general chit chat.   The group is also where members can post pictures of their work and squares and see pictures of quilts once they are completed.

If you would like to join SOLAK please click the sign up button the right.  If you have any further questions please see how FAQ section or the contacts page.