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Stitching squares for SOLAK is simple.


  • You can stitch anything you like - we accept squares with absolutely any theme

  • You can use any colour material you like

  • There are no deadlines Ė you can stitch at your own pace whenever you like

  • You don't even have to be a member to stitch for us!

We have a few simple sizing guidelines to make sure that anything we receive can be used but other than that, what, when, where and how you stitch is entirely up to you!

We get requests for quilts on a daily basis with all different themes.  Anything you cross-stitch on to a square can and will be used in a quilt.  Any pattern you see and want to stitch - even though you donít have wall space to hang it on and you canít see the sofa for cushions already -  we can make use of.