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Frequently Asked Questions


Will a quilt cost me anything?


No our quilts are completely free very occasionally we may ask if it is possible for a small donation towards postage costs but this is only when absolutely necessary and we would never expect you to send us anything you couldnít afford.



How long will I have to wait to receive my quilt?


Our quilts have been very popular and there is currently a rather long waiting list.  We try our best to get the quilt done within two months of receiving your request but this isnít always possible and it could take a lot longer.  The more details we have about what the person the quilt is for would like and the more themes we have to work with the easier it is to find a suitable quilt that can be sent out.  After submitting your request you will receive a confirmation email and once a quilt is available we will contact you for a postal address.



Where can I see pictures of quilts you have made?


Once a quilt is finished a picture is posted to the membersí group.  If youíre not a member you can see some of our quilts in our photo album.  Youíll also see a selection of squares that our members have stitched too.



I requested a quilt and havenít heard anything from you, what should I do?


If you received a confirmation email please just be patient.  We are working on your quilt and we will contact you as soon as it is finished.  If you never received a confirmation email please fill out the form again and be sure to check you have used a valid email address.