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Joining SOLAK

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to join SOLAK to send squares?

No anyone can send us squares.  Becoming a member allows you the opportunity to see what quilts we are currently working on and whom they are for.  Also you can join in with membersí Stitch-a-longs and other group activities however if you would only like to donate squares as a one off you can contact us to arrange where to post them to.


What happens after I join SOLAK?

Once you have signed up to be a member you will receive a membership number.  This can be stitched at the bottom of each square along with your name and location and is to help us identify who you are and notify you when any squares you send are received.  It also means that people who receive quilts can see where each square has come from and how many different stitchers have been involved.

You will also be added to our yahoo group.  This is a group for all members of SOLAK and is used to update everyone about quilts in progress, who the quilts are being made for and when they are sent out.  Any e-mails or thank you notes we receive are also passed on to the group so that members can see what a huge difference they really make in othersí lives with something they love doing so much.


Does it cost anything to join SOLAK?

Nope, not a thing.  We donít want your money Ė just your squares.


What happens if I donít want to be a SOLAK member anymore?

Please email us and let us know.  We will take your name off of our records and unsubscribe you from the group.


I donít know how to cross-stitch; can I still join SOLAK?

Thereís nothing we like better than to take some poor innocent soul and turn them into a cross-stitch addict.  If you would like to get involved check out our forums or email us.  There is always someone willing to help lure you in to one of the best hobbies ever!  If cross-stitch really isnít for you though there are plenty of other ways to help.  We are always looking for people to make cards that can be sent out with quilts or members who want to help with the behind the scenes work.  If you have any ideas, contributions, commentsÖjust visit the contacts page and get in touch.