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Posting Squares

Frequently Asked Questions



Where do I post squares to?

When you sign up to be a member you will be given an address to send squares to.  If you are making a one off donation of squares please email us to find out where they should be posted to.


Can I post more than one square at a time?

Of course.  Some people like to post them straight away while other find it more beneficial to wait and sew a few before sending them on.  It is entirely up to you.


Do I have to package the squares in a particular way?

No but we do advise that you wrap them in cling film or put them in a plastic wallet to stop them from getting damaged if they get wet.


The address I have been given is for the UK is there anywhere in the USA I can post squares to?

Some quilts are made up in the USA.  If you are a member you will know which quilts these are and will be given a different address to send squares to if you want to get involved with that particular quilt.  However the majority of quilts are made in the UK and so this is where the squares really need to be. 


How will I know when my squares have been received?

A notice is sent to the members via the yahoo group each week.  This lists squares that have been received and from whom.  If you are worried that a square has gone missing you can always post a note to the group asking if it has arrived safely or not.